My Big Hockey Change

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My Big Hockey Change:
I'M FAN OF DETROIT RED WINGS - easily and fast
I like ice hockey - specially the O2 Extraliga (it's the best league of Czech ice hockey). It isn't surprising because I'm from Pardubice - the city of hockey and horse racing. I would like to write about the last match of play-off run between Pardubice and Plzeň…
The final match is here! Who will be the winner? Who will go to the semi-final? Which team - HC Moeller Pardubice or HC Lasselsberger Plzeň? I hope and I believe in Pardubice!
I went to the match with my friend Markéta. Some fans waited for tickets from midnight. Fortunately, we had season-tickets, so our seats were reserved. Of course, we didn't forget to buy them.
On Sunday I normally wake up after ten o'clock but that Sunday I wasn't able to sleep. I got up at half past seven. I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen and I made breakfast for myself. I felt so upset - I really looked forward to the match but I was a little bit scared too. I needed something to do, so I cleaned cages of our two guinea-pigs, I swept a floor, I washed dishes, even I learnt German vocabularies. I had never done so much before!
I met Markéta in front of the ČEZ Arena. We knew that there would be a lot of policeman and security guards because of problems during the last match in Plzeň - fans of Lasselsberger threw plastic bottles to ice, hockey players from Pardubice and their kids and wives. But we had never thought that this much. Officers of this match didn't want to risk anything - they called as many police officers as they could and they disabled to take inside anything what could be thrown to ice - even no drink! There were three buses full of fans of Plzeň in front of the arena. They shouted "Lasselsberger!" and fans of Pardubice responded "Moeller, Moeller!"
Before we got through "the airport security"- the officers controlled our bags if we didn't have anything dangerous, and before we came into the right part of the arena it was already five minutes until the start of the match and the fans of both teams were loudly shouting down each other.
After few minutes the match began. We were sitting behind goal area of Plzeň so we saw all goals which Pardubice shot. In these whiles we were happy, but we felt very sad when we saw goals shot by Plzeň. At the end of the third period it was 3:3. There was a break for ice cleaning about twenty minutes and the extension was coming after. We were very scared but we believed that Pardubice could win. After twenty minutes of extension there wasn't any goal, certainly there were many chances but any of them didn't drop into any goal area. Normally the incursions follow, but this was an abnormal match - decisive play-off series match, so they play until somebody shoots a goal.
The second extension was coming. I was thirsty so we went to buy something to drink. When the second extension began, all fans were silent - even loud fans of Lasselsberger stopped to shout. We were waiting for the goal. Seconds ran... We were afraid a lot, we only waited what would happen. After six minutes Plzeň shot a goal. All fans in the arena became silent. A second later, fans of Lasselsberger started to holler around. We couldn't believe our eyes: Pardubice lost! They had left play-off! There won't be any matches before new extraliga is going to start! Moeller can't be the mister of league! Lasselsberger is going to semi-final! We cried.
I and Markéta decided to wear only black clothes for this weak and for the next week only red and white - they are colours of the team HC Moeller Pardubice. We decided to "adopt" new hockey team which was still playing and the team Detroit Red Wings was perfect for us: they were successful - they are at the top NHL table, they kept playing and the most important thing - their colours are red and white.
So now I'm fan of Detroit Red Wings, too. Every day I look for articles about their matches and I have a special calendar where I write dates of their matches. But my favourite hockey team is still HC Moeller Pardubice.

(Gramatickej výtvor v tom neehledejte, o filozický pointě ani nemluvím...)

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